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Do you know that bees can be deadly? Yes, not only bee stings are extremely painful. But their stings can also be deadly in some cases. The histamine that the sting releases in the human body can react in severe ways. In fact, some people need immediate doctor’s attention when they get stung by bees. Therefore, it is important to be as away from bees as possible. 

So, make sure that you are not living near a beehive. Moreover, because Ballarat is full of bees, make sure that your house is not invaded by bees. However, if you are facing a bee infestation problem. Contact Pest Control Ballarat for proficient bee control services. We will provide you with top-quality services at low prices. Furthermore, our bee removal Ballarat team does the entire process very safely. So, call us today. 

What Should You Do If You Have A Beehive Around You? 

  • First and foremost, make sure that you are not trying to treat these beehives by yourself. Without professional gear, you should never go around beehives. Moreover, bees can get very angry when a human goes near their hive. You can even end up in a hospital trying to get rid of bees. 
  • Try to identify the location of the hives. But make sure that you are doing it cautiously. Also, when you find out the area. Stay away from the hive. And also make sure your pets are away. 
  • Keep all your food supplies indoors in a secure container. This is because bees love sugar. They are also attracted to protein-rich eateries. This also involves your pet’s food. 

The Bee Extermination Treatments We Offer

✔ Bee Inspection And Removal

Are bees always hovering around your house? Do you think there is a beehive somewhere near you? Take our professional assistance. We have bee hive removal experts to help you out. Moreover, we want our clients to get a bee inspection service every time they have a doubt. Just be safe. 

✔ Emergency Bee Control Service

Bees can get irritated very easily. Sometimes, there can be urgent situations where bees start attacking. In such situations, we want our clients to first reach a safe space. Then reach out to us immediately before the situation gets worse. We will immediately send our bee pest control specialists to your property for extermination. 

✔ Same Day Bee Control 

If you can not get more bothered by bees and need immediate attention. Then you can reach out to us for same-day bee control services. We know that tolerating bees can be terrible. Therefore, we provide our clients the benefit of hiring us on the same day of their booking call. So, if you need immediate bee extraction services. Reach out to us. 

✔ Restaurant Bee Control

People are very scared of bees. So, if your restaurant has a beehive around then your sales might suffer. Make sure that bees are not scaring your clients. Reach out to us for bee nest removal whenever you need. Our bee removal Ballarat team can easily handle all species of bees. So, feel free to rely on us for the solution of all your bee problems. 

✔ Pre-purchase Bee Inspection

There can be hidden bee nests in house walls. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are getting a bee inspection before you purchase a property. To help you out with this. We offer special pre-purchase bee inspection services. Moreover, we are rendering these services at affordable prices. So, ping us now and make the right decision. 

✔ Domestic Bee Control

Removing bees from house is what we excel in. Our company is very famous for its home bee control services. We focus on the safety of our clients. And make them stay at a safe location during the extermination process. If you have been struggling with bee scares in your own house. Then get in touch with us for domestic bee hive removal services. 

What To Do When A Bee Stings You?

  • Immediately Remove The Stinger: Make sure to immediately remove the stinger when a bee stings you. Or else, the stinger will continuously spread the venom inside your body. 
  • Allergies Solutions: If the person that got stung by the bee has allergies. Immediately inject the person with an epinephrine. Then seek doctor’s assistance. There are still people who are unaware of being allergic to bees. So, make sure to stay away from the bees in the first place. 
  • Treatments: Immediately apply some ice on the bee sting. You can also apply a mixture of baking soda and water on the area. The ice will not let your bee sting swell. And the baking soda mixture will ease the itchiness and pain. You can use these home-remedies. But still make sure that you are paying a visit to a doctor. 

The Advantages Of Hiring Us As Your Bee Exterminators

  • Safe Extermination Process: Our bee removalists keep all their clients in a safe place during the extermination process. Moreover, we use eco-friendly practices for bee relocation. 
  • Reasonable Prices: Our bee exterminator prices are very reasonable. You can get a  bee removal service at highly discounted prices. If you want fair and upfront services, then pick us to enjoy all the benefits. 
  • Top Quality Services: Our service quality is very good. We use the best removal solutions and equipment to do our job quickly and efficiently. 
  • Follow-Up: Bees still hover around for a while after bee hive removal. Therefore, we make sure to take regular follow-ups from our clients. 

Suburbs In Which We Offer Our Services

You can book us in all suburbs near Ballarat. Including Lake Gardens, Invermay Park, Lake Wendouree, etc. 

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Do All Bees Can Sting You?

No, only female bees can sting you. Male bees do not have stingers. 

Are You Available For Removal Services After 5 PM?

Yes, you can contact us for services 24*7 as per your choice. 

Are There Any Extra Charges For Emergency Services? 

No, there are no additional charges. 

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