Why Are House Mice Dangerous?

If you are wondering about mice in your house, then you better act on them quickly. Mice are not just a nuisance in the room but also a carrier of several fatal diseases. They can make your furniture and edible items into a scrap with their sharp molars. Moreover, they urinate and poop all over the place. Even though we can ignore the property damage, what to do about the diseases caused by them?

Here we will talk about the top 4 dangerous facts of eradicating mice from your home right away.

Fatal Disease Spreader

Unlike humans, rodents do not keep themselves clean. As a result, they carry a lot of parasites such as fleas and ticks in their coats. When they enter our house, those harmful parasites get access to a human. These parasites take shelters in our skin, causing several fatal diseases. Some of the tragic and historic diseases caused by mice are-

Bubonic Plague

Initially, people assumed that the Plague was due to mice and rats. But later, people get to know the disease is due to fleas. And the mice are the carrier of these fleas.

Lyme Disease

People often ignore the symptoms of Lyme disease, as common flu. But, this tick caused disease has a long term effect on humans. Again the mice are the potential carrier of these ticks.

Colorado Tick Fever

A mouse also carries the ticks causing Colorado Tick Fever. It is another deadly disease. And if not treated at the right time, it can be life-threatening.

2.   Potential Harmful Pathogen And Virus Carrier

Mice are the potential pathogen and virus carriers. Among those, Hantavirus and Salmonella are the two most life-threatening organisms. Rodent’s urine and stools carry these organisms. Moreover, the feces dry up quickly into fine dust. As a result, the dust flies in all directions, spreading these deadly viruses.  So, if you don’t remove them, they spread the pathogens through their wastages.

3.   Unhygienic Home Atmosphere

To make an entry point, mice and any other rodents urinate and poop around the places they stay. And the wastages dry up quickly into powdery forms. This form can fly in any direction. As a result, your home becomes contaminated and prone to diseases.

4.   Furniture And Décor Destroyer

These tiny animals have sharp molars and nails, which help them to make anything in your home into scraps. Along with these disease-causing viruses, mice can cause severe property damages. From edible food items in the kitchen to furniture, they spare nothing. They also influence other pests and bugs to enter your house.

Apart from these, they are also dangerous for humans in several factors. If they feel threatened, they can bite you.  And their sharp teeth are vicious enough to bleed you profusely. And if you have pets and kids at home, then it is far more dangerous. Pets and kids tend to touch anything they see. As a result, they become susceptible to diseases. So, it is always for the best to seek professional pest controllers for help with the first sight of a mouse and make your hose free from mice. You can call our pest control expert and get a free quote.